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Referral Partnership

What difference would an extra $500, $1k, or even $4k a month make to you and your family? 

Are you really busy but would love a chance to earn an extra $500, $1k, or even up to $4k a month? If so, a referral partnership with Neoterra may be the way to go.

Don't sell, just refer:

Have you ever referred someone to a good restaurant or suggested a good movie? Have you ever been paid for it? Let us teach you how to make money by listening to people and just offering a helpful referral should it be a good fit. It is like knowing a good restaurant, and if someone says they are hungry, just mentioning the restaurant and give them the contact information for it. 

Depending on the product, it could be a $15 gift card, even if the referral doesn't actually become a client of ours, on up to a 50% split commission, all just for an introduction! This can be done with just a few minutes every time you find a referral.

Some referral partners have made up to $45k in 2016 just for referring clients!

Contact us below if you would like to find out more information, or Apply Today!